Activities Department


The enthusiastic Activity Department staff at NRCC is dedicated in promoting self-esteem, pleasure, comfort, education to assist in maintaining cognitive skills, creativity, success and independence in all of our programs and activities. We have planned daily, weekly and monthly programs and activities geared to entertain and enhance the reasoning, intuition and processing skills of our residents. Many of the activities are in the form of games directed at certain skills such as pattern, letter, word, number, math and spelling recognition and application. It is our goal to assist our residents in maintaining their cognitive skills for as long as possible.


Our staff gets to know each resident on a very personal level in regards to likes, dislikes, interests, skill level, education, life roles and family history information. We carefully match the activity skills, abilities and preferences of each resident to our diverse programs. For those whose abilities are more diminished, we have Sensory Stimulation focusing on touch, sight, scent and sound as well as our One to One Visits where we focus on spiritual support and nurturing, social engagement, reminiscence and physical comfort. With our combination of large and small group, one to one and self-directed activities we are able to encompass and satisfy all of our friends who reside at the New Richland Care Center.

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