Culinary Department

The Culinary Department at the New Richland Care Center creates nutritious and delicious meals for our residents seven days a week. A variety of delicious meals are provided for our residents with main meals served three times each day as well as afternoon and evening snacks. At each meal, our residents receive a choice of menu items to ensure variety and good nutrition. We provide therapeutic and texture altered food items as needed. Our residents dine with their friends and enjoy “home cooked” meals.

Guests are welcome to join us for any meal. Guest tickets may be purchased from the nurses station located in each hall. If you plan to join us for a meal, please let the culinary staff know by 10:00AM for the Noon meal and by 3:00PM for the Evening meal. You may also call in to the care center and ask to speak with the Kitchen to reserve your place. The Culinary Department is excited to implement new ideas and embrace the Culture Change to make dinning with us a pleasant experience for our residents and their guests.

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